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Be a loner and perish; Be part of a team and thrive

Connecting. The human species is a very fragile and weak creature when are compared to all the other animals on the planet. We do not have thick skin, claws, the ability to run fast, climb, or thrive in environments beyond a very small range of temperatures. Our situation is even more dire when we are first born. The species family unit must maintain hundred percent vigilance for the first couple years of life just to be able to survive. By all rights, the human species should’ve been destroyed by everything else on this planet. So why are we still here?? From my personal experience, I believe it is because of our ability to collaborate with one another and work towards a common goal through task specialization and delegation. It is impossible to be all things to all people. Our natural talents and disadvantages automatically make us better at some things and worse at others. Through task specialization we can become more useful to those around us and becomes a key reason why others
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Do Not Let Fear Stop You

Risk. I have come to believe that the only denominator of ultra successful people is their ability to accept and manage risk. This factor above all others is the one thing that determines when you are ready to take your destiny in your own hands. This factor determines the type of job, school, significant other, and an infinite number of other things that you choose. So what is risk? In my humble opinion, what we deem as risky is a logical interpretation of our emotional fear of the unknown. That means when we say something is too risky, we are justifying our fears. If that is true, then what separates the risk takers from the security takers is their ability to act in spite of their fear. They don’t conquer, overcome, or squash their fears. They feel the fear and act. THEY FEEL THE FEAR AND ACT. In an attempt to take my own advice, I finally pulled the trigger and started my own business. It is registered with the state, has a business account, business structure, and by the end of

My TV is Killing Me

I am beginning to wonder if there is a difference between malignant and benign influences. Without getting into a full debate today about the relevance of good and evil; I want to highlight an observation: An unseen power flows through repeated messages. Only recently I have begun to watch TV again. After five years overseas there was no point to watch the local cable stations. And now that I’m back in the states, over the last two weeks I have been taking advantage. I have concluded that those who have chosen the programming do not know what they do. As the word suggests, programming is a deliberate intent to create actions by convincing the cognitive space. I understand the economics of advertisement and the systems that employ them. I do not think that those who schedule the programs really understand how they affect the cognitive space outside of purchasing a consumer product. Being reborn into this environment I was not prepared for the psychological battle I would h

Just Show Up!!

Showing up This week I learned the value of simply showing up. Simply by getting out of bed and putting on pants, I gained six hours of one on one coaching and business development with a specific focus on a business I am trying to do. My initial expectation was to make a couple of networking contacts and possibly learn about some local resources. But by the end of the day, my expectation was blown away. A couple of weeks ago I called my uncle about learning how to run a small business. He took over the family business a number of years ago and figured that he had some good insights on situation. Well, he directed me to go to the library and see if they were sponsoring any business classes. I have been to the library before and I did not see anything on that subject, but I also wasn’t looking for it. So the next time I took my daughter to get another 10 books to read over the week; I took the time to see if my uncle is right. And of course he was. In about two weeks from th

Getting it Done: Riveting Conclusion

For those who are following along my little journey, here are my results: Feat 1: Education. The goal was to have everything done so that I can start school.  I’ve completed 75% of what I need to do. All my transcripts have been sent except for the last school I was going to. I still need to send them back the books from my last classes, which of course are in one of the many boxes in my garage from the move. A perfect intersection of this feat with Feat 3. Feat 2: PMP Certification. I have ordered the hardcopy book to study from and have it with me now. This week I will put my hours in the PMI website, and next week I can schedule the test. So I’m at 30% here. Feat 3: Home Ready for Guests. We have squared away about 25% of the boxes. Unfortunately the items in the boxes have not been completely put away yet. Once that is done, then we can work on the boxes that are in the garage. Feat 4: Write a Book. I am at 0% complete. Feat 5: Conquer Life Admin. OK, me and the wife hav

Get it Done: An Extreme Action Plan

One the best pieces of advice my father gave me when I was a young man was the value of taking action. At the time, I didn’t really understand where he was coming from. I didn’t understand the struggle that he had in his life. And I did not understand how desperate he was trying to provide me with some of his lessons learned. But now I am at the age in which he provided me that advice and I understand. Through my own struggles of deflated dreams and hollow words, I understand that words are cheap and the only thing that has value in this world are actions. In fact I believe that actions create the value and is the cornerstone of our success. To experiment with this concept I am going to execute a massive action plan for the next two weeks attempting to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. This experiment starts with accountability of this blog and will end with the completion of five feats. (things I have been putting off because I fear their failure) Feat 1: Education.

Don’t Suck, Finding Purpose not to be mediocre.

Rule one, don’t suck! Sounds easy, but actions speak louder than words. There are just times when we are not feeling it.Times when we want to lay in bed rather then come up with the reasons to care. But then again, this is the struggle that us humans are blessed with. For the last couple weeks I have personally been struggling with finding my path and with finding reasons to be awesome. Being mediocre is so easy. It barely takes any effort at all. I have been trying to dig deeper into myself and I realized that I need more reasons to put in the effort. I need hope, I need the dreams, and I need to be inspired. When I don’t have these things my thoughts range from apathy to chewing on bullets. Deep down I know that I am not alone with these thoughts. I know that others are suffering in silence seeking some sort of glimmer of light in the darkness. So what to do about it? I have chosen to enact my divine right of choice. I am going to choose a higher purpose to believe in and ex